Our leadership and team

Shirley Congdon

Shirley Congdon

Vice Chancellor, The University of Bradford
 Joint Chair of the Health and Social Care Economic Partnership

The One Workforce Hub is central to the work of the Health and Social Care Economic Partnership which is overseeing the district’s growth and development of our health and social care workforce.  We have brought our district’s education institutions (our excellent schools, colleges and university) together to work with health and social care employers to offer the best possible opportunities to our current and future workforce.

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We want our local organisations to provide all the learning, skills development and work experience our workforce needs. Working collaboratively will allow us to offer local solutions and options to our people throughout their careers.

Bradon Brown picture

Brendan Brown

Chief Executive, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
Joint Chair of the Health and Social Care Economic Partnership

Our people are our most important asset and at the heart of what we do. Our health and social care organisations are also some of the most rewarding places to work. We want to encourage more talent to join our ranks and for those already working with us to flourish in their roles and progress in their careers seamlessly across the sector, in one of the hundreds of different roles available – from care assistant and IT specialist, to nurse and radiographer.

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We recognise Our People are not just those who are paid by us, but everyone who is involved in supporting the wellbeing of the district including volunteers and unpaid carers. We would like to encourage young people to seek local opportunities in health and social care, and make informed choices on their study or apprenticeship options.  We would like those currently not in employment to get the appropriate support to access jobs, whilst giving them the flexibility to meet the demands of their everyday lives.

Tina lafferty

Tina Lafferty

Programme Director
Health & Social Care Economic Partnership

Tina is our Programme Director and is responsible for setting our strategic direction and leading the team.

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An important aspect of Tina’s role is to work closely with colleagues and senior leaders from across the health and social care sector to regularly review our work programmes so that we can ensure that the One Workforce Hub realises its full potential, and that we continue to meet the needs of the sector.

Tina is a CIPD qualified HR professional with in-depth knowledge and experience of leading workforce and organisational development policies and programmes. Tina is passionate about supporting individuals, services and organisations to be their very best. Tina started working in Bradford in the year 2000, in her early days, Tina worked closely with local communities across the district. Tina says this work cemented her relationship with the district and her innate desire to see the district thrive.

In her spare time Tina’s number one pastime is skiing, but when she can’t get to snowy mountains, she enjoys long walks in the Yorkshire hills with her family and their little dog.

Kathryn Jones

Kathryn Jones

Programme Lead
Health & Social Care Economic Partnership

Kathryn Jones is our team’s Programme Lead, ensuring the strategic intentions of the One Workforce Hub programme are delivered and well managed for the Bradford District and Craven’s health and social care workforce.

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Kathryn has worked in public service for about 15 years supporting and developing district wide cross sector partnerships, including in a political environment.  Some of the programmes she has historically led have included equality and diversity, consultation and engagement, and strategy development.

She is passionate about the district and engaging with our vibrant and diverse communities, both in the work place and outside.  In her spare time Kathryn can be found enjoying the great outdoors, mountain biking, climbing, hiking or simply relaxing on a campsite at home or abroad. 

Picture of Naz

Nazrul Meah

Programme Manager
Health & Social Care Economic Partnership

Nazrul Meah is our team’s Project Manager and is responsible for managing the delivery of transformational projects across the work of the Partnership. Naz is an experienced public servant having joined the Civil Service straight after university.

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Whilst in Whitehall he worked on a number of high profile Government priorities such as the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Kyoto Protocol, the Good Friday Agreement and the UK Presidencies of the EU and G8. He has previously represented the UK Government on the international arena and built strong relations with EU Member States and the Devolved Administrations.

His portfolio of work within Local Government has included strategy and policy research and development and stakeholder consultation and engagement across the district. He has also undertaken work on analysing the Government’s legislative programme and policies,  specifically looking at its impacts on Bradford and supported a number of Corporate and District wide Partnership Boards.

Naz has a vision that Bradford will one day realise it’s true potential consisting of a dynamic workforce made up of the District’s local younger population. He firmly believes in utilising the City’s unique characteristics such as its fascinating architecture, distinct communities and natural environment.

Away from work,  Naz can be found landscaping his garden whilst undertaking a new DIY project, playing and watching football with his twelve year old son and supporting local community initiatives.

Picture of Dionne

Dionne Dunning

Project Support Officer
Health & Social Care Economic Partnership

Dionne Dunning is our team’s Project Support Officer. She is working towards supporting the HSCEP team in the development and delivery of programmes of work designed to deliver the aims and ambitions of the Partnership.

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Dionne has worked for Bradford Council for over 17 years supporting the Early Years and Childcare Service and then the Workforce Development Team for Bradford Council as part of Human Resources.

Dionne holds a BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education and has lots of experience in workforce development roles. In her rare spare time, she likes to try and relax by reading, walking or listening to music. She has a hectic home life with two boys, one of them with autism who is 100% full on 24/7.

Maureen Goddard

Bradford District and Craven Place Workforce Lead

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Dermot Bolton

Senior Programme and Project Manager
University of Bradford

Dermot Bolton is a senior programme and project manager at the University of Bradford. He is primarily working with the local health and social care sector supporting various collaborative partnerships and projects.

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He has a particular interest in digital and is the programme manager for the Bradford Districts and Craven Digital Programme – an enabling part of the Act as One programme. Dermot is a keen networker and a strong believer in the power of co-operation between organisations to effect transformational change.

Dermot first came to Bradford as an Undergraduate of the University in the early 1990’s where he gained degree in Electronic Imaging and Media communications. This swiftly led to a long career in project management in IT, Education and organisational change.

He lives in Bradford with his wife and is passionate in wanting to make it an even better place for everyone, not least their two secondary school aged sons. Hobbies include personal technology projects, gaming, photography and a lot more walking and running than he used to do.

Rakiya Maqsood

Project Lead for the Health and Social Care CTE Partnership
Career and Technical Education Partnership 

Rakiya Maqsood leads on the Health and Social Care CTE Partnership. She is supporting the implementation of an overarching careers and technical education approach and developing this as a long-term, district-wide approach, to meet our ambition to ensure young people are equipped with the attitude, knowledge and skills to succeed in education and the world of work.

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Rakiya holds BA(Hons) degree in Accountancy and Law and leads on Business and Creative Industries as part of the CTE Partnership. In her spare time, she likes to go on long walks to keep fit.

Safina Akhtar

Widening Participation Project Lead
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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A special mention…..

To Rupali Patel who was previously our graduate marketing and communications intern. She had been working towards building the One Workforce Hub brand, connecting with our partner organisations and sending out the right communications to the right people (i.e. you). Following her successful internship Rupali secured a permanent position at another local authority utilising the experience she gained working on the One Workforce Hub brand. You can view her thank you message here. 

Although Rupali is in the early stages of her career, she firmly believes that to engage the audience in conversation we should not work towards mastering the latest communication trends, instead we should master connecting to their feelings and open up pathways to understand their concerns.

Rupali holds a MSc in marketing management for the University of Sheffield as well as experience from various organisations in both the public and private sector. In her spare time, Rupali loves to bake and try out desserts – especially cakes.