What we do

The One Workforce Hub draws together the whole health and social care sector across Bradford District and Craven to support and grow our workforce.

Through our refreshed Integrated People Plan, our One Workforce Hub will establish a culture of ‘acting as one’ to deliver system workforce transformation.

The latest version of the Bradford District and Craven Integrated People Plan can be viewed here.

We will work together across organisational boundaries, pooling our collective resources, to deliver our workforce priorities.

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  • Look after our people
  • Create and instil a sense of belonging in our health and care system
  • Develop new ways of working and delivering care
  • Grow our collective workforce for the future by recruiting and retaining our people

When we reference the workforce we are assuming its broadest definition, which includes unpaid carers, volunteers and the third sector.

This Place based People Plan for the Bradford District and Craven reflects the workforce challenges, opportunities, aspirations and plans (emerging and in place) for our system wide health and care workforce.

It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to work in partnership and is therefore inclusive of our health (primary and secondary care), social care, private/independent care providers and voluntary sector services. We recognise the role the education sector, in the form of schools, colleges and Higher Education Institutions, have in ensuring our future workforce pipeline and in training and developing our existing workforce.

We also appreciate the valuable experience and huge contribution unpaid carers make to caring for people in our communities. We consider all our partners contributions to be essential in us Acting as One to deliver our collective ambition of ensuring our local populations are ‘Happy Healthy at Home’.

The Integrated People Plan is overseen by the Health and Social Care Economic Partnership.

Health and Social Care Economic Partnership

This is a partnership of Bradford District and Craven anchor institutions connecting academic and health and social care organisations. Collaborating on health and social care recruitment, education, research and innovation, to drive health, well-being and economic prosperity.

The Health and Social Care Economic Partnership brings together leaders from across health, social care, further education and higher education with collective ambition to harness their ‘anchor institution’ asset and to work in new and different ways to have a positive impact on our district. Their vision is that, as large employers, purchasers and owners of estate, they will work collaboratively to use their combined influence to create a step change in the health, wellbeing and economic prosperity of our local communities.

Their five priorities are workforce, academic research, procurement, estates and transformation, with their initial focus being on workforce and the One Workforce Hub.

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