Advanced Clinical Practitioner

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Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Advanced nurse/clinical practitioners are highly-trained health professionals that can undertake complex reviews of patients, similar to GPs. They can assess symptoms and build a picture of a patient’s condition, treat minor health problems, infections, minor injuries and prescribe medication where necessary.

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Level: Band 8

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Qualifications & skills to access role

MSc Advanced Practice

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Useful experience

No specific experience is needed at this level.

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Band 8 is the top level of General Practice Nursing

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Where I can work

GP Practice, Health Centre  More information on where nurses can work

associated roles

Associated roles

General Practice Nurses can easily switch to other nursing roles due to the breadth of experience they will have developed working in the GP practice environment – examples of other nursing roles are: hospital, district, care homes and mental health nurses.

Corporate roles: Risk and Governance, Programme Management

Academia: Lecturer