Senior General Practice Nurse (GPN)

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Senior General Practice Nurse (GPN)

Senior General Practice Nurses, also known as Senior GPNs, work in GP surgeries or health centres to assess, screen, treat and educate patients, and help doctors give medical care.

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Level: Band 7

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Qualifications & skills to access role

Having qualified as a GPN, no further qualifications are needed to progress to Band 7. This will be awarded at the discretion of your GP surgery, as you develop the necessary experience.

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Useful experience

Time working as a Band 5 GPN will allow you to progress.

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As a Senior GPN, you can move in to specialist roles through taking the appropriate additional diplomas. Examples include women’s health and long-term conditions.

With an MSc in Advanced Practice, Senior GPNs can also become an Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Band 8) at the discretion of your GP Practice.

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Where I can work

GP Practice, Health Centre  More information on where nurses can work

associated roles

Associated roles

Non-clinical roles: Primary Care Network Clinical Director, Nurse Partner, or health and social care corporate roles (eg. programme management)

Academia: Lecturer (for which an MSc is needed, though this can often be acquired whilst ‘on the job’)