Care Worker/Enablement Support Worker

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Role: Care Worker (independent/private care homes) or Enablement Support Worker (Bradford Council)

Care Workers and Enablement Support Workers fulfill much the same duties.  The titles are just different depending on who you are working for. Bradford Council refer to this role as Enablement Support Workers, private or independent care providers (home care or care homes) refer to them as Care Workers.

This role helps vulnerable people to manage their daily activities and to live as independently as possible. This could include social and physical activities, personal care, mobility and meal times.

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Level: 2

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Qualifications & skills to access role

This is a values and behaviours based position, with recruits needing to show the right motivations and interests. All Care Workers/Enablement Support Workers will however need to have a Care Certificate – some employers will allow you to complete this short course whilst employed with them.  See the adjacent chart for more detail on becoming a care worker for your situation.

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Useful experience

Any experience of caring or helping people would be of value, be this through a volunteering role or through personal/family experiences.

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With experience a Care Worker at Level 2, can progress to becoming a team leader also at Level 2.  Then with a commitment to achieving their Level 3 adult care qualification, they can take on a middle management role.  Bradford council will support staff to do their Level 3 qualifications as part of their job.

A whole range of additional roles can also be accessed, see associated roles below.

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Where I can work

Care homes, residents’ homes
More information on where care workers can work

associated roles

Associated roles

Level 2: Personal Assistant (in care) – can work towards a social care qualification (eg Level 2/3 diploma in health and social care) either on the job or prior to taking on this role; Rehabilitation Worker; Activities Co-ordinator; Occupational Therapy Assessor – requiring level 2 in Health and Social Care or 5 GCSEs; Level 2 Enablement Co-ordinator (Bradford Council will support people in this role to get their Level 3 health and social care diploma).

Level 3: Advocacy Worker – having achieved demonstrable skills through a Level 2 award on Independent Advocacy. Whilst on the job you will then go on to gain your IMHA/IMCA Level 3 Certificate Independent Advance qualification; Community Care Officer – requiring a Level 3 Health and social care diploma or NVQ 3 in social work (Bradford Council will support recruits to get these qualifications whilst in post).