Maternity Support Worker

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Role: Maternity Support Worker

A Maternity Support Worker (MSW) is an unregistered employee providing support to a maternity team, mothers and their families. The MSW undertakes duties in a maternity setting for which midwifery training and registration are not required, but always under the direction and supervision of a registered midwife.

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Level: Bands 2, 3 and 4

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Qualifications & skills to access role

This is a values based position, with recruits needing to show the right motivations and interests.

Depending on the employer a range from the following may also be needed: GCSEs, CACHE/NNEB/BETC/NVQ

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Useful experience

Any experience of working with mothers, babies and families would be of value, be this through a volunteering role or through personal/family experiences.

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An MSW can become a Band 5 Midwife through taking a BSc Midwifery degree, or where offered by an employer a degree apprenticeship. A’Levels or BTECs would be required to enter these courses.

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Where I can work

Hospital maternity units, residents’ homes, birth centres, GP surgeries
More information on where midwives can work

associated roles

Associated roles

There are no directly associated roles from being an MSW, however with progression numerous opportunities present themselves.