Band 7/Team Manager

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Role: Midwife Band 7/Team Manager

Midwives provide care and support to women and their families, during pregnancy, throughout labour and during the period after a baby’s birth. With experience Midwives can progress to Bands 7 and become Team Managers.

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Level: Bands 7

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Qualifications & skills to access role

Having either taken a BSc Midwifery degree, or transferred skills through an MSc Midwifery degree, midwives can progress with experience to a Band 7 Midwife.

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Useful experience

Time working as a Band 6 Midwife will enable progression.

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With further experience Band 7 Midwives can progress to become a Band 8b and 8c consultant midwife.  Some employers require an MSc to move to these levels, others expect it to be gained once in this role.

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Where I can work

Hospital maternity units, residents’ homes, birth centres, GP surgeries
More information on where midwives can work

associated roles

Associated roles

With this level of experience many opportunities are available in associated roles.

Ward Managers (Band 7): Labour ward, Birth centre, Community, Antenatal/ Postnatal ward, Maternity assessment centre, Antenatal clinic/ Antenatal day unit

Specialist roles (Band 7): Infant feeding, Safeguarding, Risk and governance, Professional development, Complex care, Mental health, Early intervention, Teenage, Continuity of care, Safer maternity care.

Non clinical roles: e.g. corporate co-ordination roles, researchers