Band 8/Consultant

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Role: Midwife Band 8/Consultant

A Consultant Midwife will lead the development and implementation of quality initiatives and health programmes to reduce health inequalities, Increase normality and improve outcomes for mothers and babies and will share this knowledge locally, regionally and nationally.

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Level: Band 8 b/c, Consultant

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Qualifications & skills to access role

An MSc Midwifery degree is required to reach this level.  Some employers allow you to gain the qualification whilst in the role.

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Useful experience

No specific experience is needed at this level.

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Band 8 is the top level of Midwifery, however more senior posts include Head of Midwifery, Director of Midwifery, General Manager.

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Where I can work

Hospital maternity units, residents’ homes, birth centres, GP surgeries
More information on where midwives can work

associated roles

Associated roles

Once at Band 8, a midwife can take a side ways step in specialist or associated roles.  These include:

Matron: various areas including antenatal / postnatal / intrapartum

Corporate roles: Risk and Governance, Programme Manager

Academia: Lecturer (for which an MSc is needed, though this can often be acquired whilst ‘on the job’)