Clinical Nurse Lead

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Clinical Nurse Lead

A Clinical Nurse Lead will provide a visible, accessible and authoritative presence within the clinical/care areas of responsibility for residents, relatives and staff, providing help, advice and support at all times. Support, supervise and advise other staff to ensure that care delivery meets all residents’ identified needs.

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The average pay for a Clinical Lead Nurse is approximately £45,000 per year

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Qualifications & skills to access role

Once qualified as a Registered Nurse, you will need to take a leadership or management qualification to progress to the Band 7 Clinical Nurse Lead role.

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Useful experience

In addition to your nursing skills, leadership and management experience would be really valued in this more senior role.

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With the right experience and further qualifications a nurse can take on the non-clinical role of a Registered Manager.

Progression can also be made in to specialist roles through further experience and/or taking the relevant additional courses. Examples include becoming a supervisor, assessor, trainer, infection control lead, end of life care, dementia champion.

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Where I can work

Clinical Lead Nurses primarily work in Nursing Homes, but there are now more opportunities available working in other care settings too – this can include residential and care homes; and in individuals’ own homes through home care support.
More information on where Clinical Nurse Leads can work

associated roles

Associated roles

Other nursing roles: Clinical Nurse Leads in care settings can easily switch to other nursing roles due to the breadth of experience they will have developed working in a care environment – examples of other nursing roles are: hospital, district, GP surgeries and mental health nurses.

Academia: Lecturer (for which an MSc is needed, though this can often be acquired whilst ‘on the job’)