Entering health and social care

There are many ways to join the health and social care workforce.
This can include as a volunteer, through work experience or work placements.

This will give you invaluable experience for any future role you might have. More information on each of these routes in to the workforce can be found below.

Work experience

Getting hands-on work experience can be invaluable in helping you to decide a future career and broaden your horizons and choices for jobs in health and social care.  Many of our local health and social care organisations run work experience schemes – please see their individual websites for more information. However,  please also visit us here again soon to see our volunteer section which will be launched soon.

If you are still in school and are keen to gain a few days of experience working in different health and social care settings then we recommend getting in touch with Bradford Council’s Xperience team, who can support you with many opportunities. 

Find out more at Bradford Skills

Supporting students during placements

Beverly Drake – OWH – Recruitment – Airedale