The Centre for Workforce Excellence ambition

The Centre for Workforce Excellence will enable sector-wide collaboration to strengthen and expand our district talent pool and improve workforce productivity and performance. Delivered in partnership with our Bradford District Higher and Further education providers, it will elevate service and business delivery.

The Centre for Workforce Excellence Partnership Board

The Board was first established in 2022 to meet the Centre for Workforce Excellence ambition, by overseeing the delivery of a practical and realistic series of projects.  The Board has representation at a senior level from the University of Bradford, Bradford Council, Bradford College, Keighley College, Shipley College and Skills for Work. It is chaired by Shirley Congdon (University of Bradford Vice Chancellor) and Chris Webb (Bradford College Principal).

How we are doing this

We are developing and delivering a series of projects to support both talent acquisition and talent development.  We have initially committed to delivering a strong apprenticeship offer on behalf of our five organisational workforces, using our local learning providers expertise to ensure we deliver a local programme and maximise our Apprenticeship Levy spend.  We have also taken the opportunity to more strongly promote a range of Level 3 qualifications to our employees with the lowest level of existing qualifications.

We are also in the early phases of creating learning orientated induction processes for our organisations, strengthening our placements and internships programmes, and seeking more in-depth Supported Employment opportunities.