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Occupational Therapist

By 3 May 2023May 11th, 2023No Comments

Nimra Siddique is an Occupational Therapist working in the Older Peoples Community Mental Health Team.

I studied Health & Social Care, Applied Science and Sociology for my A levels and then completed my degree in Occupational Therapy.

Through my own personal experience I saw how much an Occupational Therapist made a difference to my family members life – when they visited a family member after having a stroke.

I was initially nervous but having researched and explored the role of Occupational Therapists I became determined and enthusiastic about starting and completing the course. I am now working independently visiting service users who have mental health illnesses and/or are under assessment for dementia. I am learning new things every day which increases my experience.

I love interacting with service users and their family through building relationships. I enjoy caring for others and when I receive appreciative comments about the impact I have made in their lives, it is really fulfilling. It gives me gratitude for my health whilst I am young and healthy.

I complete risk and cognitive assessments to support a person to function meaningfully in their home environment. I also work with service users to ensure that they are safe and independent as much as possible in their occupation, by providing support, strategies and aid equipment.

My work allows me to work with groups of people from different backgrounds, whilst allowing me to recognise and understand different ethnicities and cultures.

Promoting identity is something that fits perfectly with Occupational Therapy!

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