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Act as One Festival

Act as One Festival 2021: Catch Up

Our Act as One Festival 2021 ran from 27 April to 20 May 2021 giving us a chance to celebrate the great work happening across our place, share learning and best practice and also have fun with a number of wellbeing sessions throughout the month.

#ActAsOneFest was a four week run of events, activities, discoveries and opportunities to get together for a bit of fun and celebration. With over 50 speakers and over 20 events taking place, there was plenty on offer for people to pick from.

We ended #ActAsOneFest with a recognition day to celebrate people, teams and projects that are already living the values of Act as One.

You can catch up with all the events that took place and access the wellbeing videos on this page.

Read more about the nominations for the Act as One Festival: Recognition Day

Act as One Festival: Wellbeing Sessions

To warm us up for #ActAsOneFest we offered wellbeing sessions to anyone working (including our wonderful volunteers) in health and care across our place. You can access these sessions below (note they open as videos through Vimeo)

Act as One Festival: catch up health and wellbeing boost events

We recently held our health and care workforce wellbeing boost events. We are delighted to be able to share the sessions on this page and open them up to anyone across Bradford District and Craven. So if you need a bit of a boost or help with your wellbeing, we hope the videos below can help you.