Drug and substance misuse

Drug and substance misuse is the use of illegal drugs, or over-the-counter or prescription medications in a way that they are not meant to be used. Over time, substance misuse can become an unhealthy way to respond to stress and anxiety

Substance use disorder occurs when the use of drugs impairs your health or how you function in your daily life. Examples of this kind of impairment include problems with physical or emotional health, disability, and failure to meet major responsibilities. Substance use disorders can be mild, moderate, or severe.

General guidance regarding drug and substance misuse

Substance Use, Misuse and Dependence

What is Substance use?
Use of alcohol or drugs occasionally without being addicted however comes with the risk that it can lead to addiction.

What is Substance misuse?
Regular use of alcohol or drugs which may be causing issues in their life that may affect their job, personal life, or even their safety. People who misuse drugs and alcohol do it regardless of the consequences.

What is Substance dependency?
Also known as addiction. Symptoms of substance dependency include developing a tolerance for the drug, going through withdrawal symptoms without it, and struggling to cut back on it. There are many factors that can influence whether someone is dependent or addicted to drugs or alcohol, including sociocultural, psychological, cognitive-behavioural, and biological factors.