How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling

While upholding sexist systems, society often conditions us to limit our own ambitions as women. In this face-to-face masterclass, Saj Zafar, a renowned Leadership Coach for women, helped participants to tackle a barrier to career advancement: the self-imposed internal glass ceiling.

By sharing her own lived experience, Saj encouraged honesty and active participation within the group. Participants described the masterclass as ‘empowering’ and asked for more sessions that built on the themes discussed. Women were provided with a take-home workbook to continue their learning and self-reflection after the session closed.

Overall, Saj served to challenge and support participants to overcome obstacles to progressing at work.

Goals of the masterclass

  • To identify what holds you back
  • To find ways to transform your professional life and sense of self-efficacy
  • To connect with other women across the district, building personal and professional connections

About Saj

Saj is passionate about supporting women to be their very best. She helps women to identify what is holding them back and to develop their own tools to smash their inner glass ceiling. With 20 years’ experience working in the justice system, local government and central government, Saj is a certified professional coach.

Quotes from the session

“Leadership is not your position of authority… leadership comes from within, how you step up and show up”

“What stops you from being the first?”

“Your definition of having it all is your definition alone”

“Go back to your why”

“Don’t edit yourself”

“Build alliances… you’ll be surprised where your real allies are”

“Think about what you can do to stretch yourself”