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Career journeys

Supporting staff with disability to excel

By 15 January 2021February 11th, 2021No Comments

Melanie has worked as a medical secretary for over 40 years.

This role involves supporting an orthopaedic consultant and managing his busy schedule including waiting lists. She needs a very broad range of skills in her role including patience, empathy and the ability to work well under pressure.  

This role has allowed her to flourish despite her disability which would have made her first choice of career as a nurse not practical. Melanie initially took a two-year diploma to give her the skills needed to become a medical secretary. 

She found BTHFT to be very accommodating of her disability, offering her first job in the NHS and then continuing to support her with her health throughout her career. She has enjoyed working with some fantastic people who have been very supportive, enabling her to manage a full workload and be a valued member of the team. Though in the twilight of her career Melanie is still very committed to the NHS and BTHFT and would highly recommend a career in the sector.

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