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Career journeys

Uplifting staff and encouraging them to prosper

By 15 January 2021February 11th, 2021No Comments

Lubena used to work for the private sector where she felt type casted to be a shy reserved person due to the way she looked.

She always thought of herself as a confident person but felt run down because people treated her this way and felt the need to meet their expectation. However, Lubena was passionate about research and found a role posted on NHS jobs she thought she was qualified for. Although she did not get this job she received feedback that she should be aiming higher than this role. When Lubena finally found a suitable job that would make use of her skillset within health care she saw that she was treated with a lot more respect and came across less bias towards the way she presents herself and the way she works.

After joining the NHS she has found a supporting manager who encourages her to learn new skills and colleagues that are open and honest about opportunities they think she would be suitable for. Today Lubena is a researcher at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) and has also recently acquired the role of local lead for a Personal and Public Involvement study in Yorkshire and Humber. Alongside this she is also in the middle of writing a research with her colleague.

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